High-Quality Advice In Collective Bargaining

Collective bargaining is a complex process where the right legal advice and guidance is key to the negotiation of a successful collective agreement. The complexities increase when unionized organizations conduct business with non-unionized organizations, and can be particularly daunting when a newly unionized workplace is embarking on negotiations for the creation of its first collective agreement.

Our lawyers at Vancouver-based Overholt Law LLP have considerable experience acting for employers. Backed by years of representing a wide range of unionized and non-unionized employers, we have the skills to successfully guide our clients through the collective bargaining process.

Providing Organizations With Strategic Advice

When unionized and non-unionized organizations conduct business, they require advice about labour issues. Backed by a wealth of experience representing a wide variety of employers, we are able to give knowledgeable advice pertaining to:

  • Mergers between unionized and non-unionized organizations
  • Successorship rights and issues
  • Common employer applications

Our lawyers have the breadth of knowledge to deliver high-quality advice that steers businesses in the right direction. We will explore the issues pertaining to the dealings between the entities, spot complications and recommend an optimal course of action. We are a reliable source of advice, information and support.

Providing Personalized Service To Meet Employer Needs

Overholt Law LLP is known as a reputable and trusted legal source. Clients put their trust in us, because we cultivate collaborative relationships with them.

We meet one-on-one with you to give you legal advice and gather information. We ensure that you are regularly updated about the progress of the case. We aim to create a positive client experience to encourage a long-term relationship between you and our firm.

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