Pursuing Proactive Solutions To Settle Shareholder Disputes

Shareholder disputes can impede an organization's ability to carry on business. This impacts the investments of all stakeholders. When conflicts arise, organizations are best served in pursuing expedient conflict resolution options.

Known as a trusted law firm that has represented a wide range of organizations during conflict situations, Overholt Law LLP can help. We strive to find proactive solutions to settle disputes before they deteriorate. We aim to diffuse disagreements and create effective strategies for cooperation between shareholders.

Pursuing Creative Conflict Resolution Options

Shareholder disputes are costly and time-consuming. By exploring fair and effective remedies, we strive to settle conflicts and preserve harmony between the parties.

We are committed to providing clients with effective and efficient problem resolution. Backed by a wealth of experience acting on behalf of a wide variety of organizations, we offer clients strong insights into the issues. We collaborate with them to find out-of-the-box solutions. We look at which value-added items we can offer the other side to settle the dispute early in the negotiating process. We also ensure that our clients' needs and goals are always at the forefront. Where litigation is necessary, we vigorously defend our clients' interests.

Maintaining The Business Relationship

Disputes involving shareholders can lead to the disintegration of long-term business relationships. These conflicts can also have an effect on other business and personal relationships between the parties. If the issues cannot be resolved, they can lead to lengthy litigation.

Our lawyers pursue amicable resolution options between the stakeholders to preserve existing relationships. Where possible, we will evaluate the facts; analyze shareholder's rights, as well as points of contention between the parties. We also explore a variety of effective options to settle the issues. We aim to resolve these difficult situations in a fair and balanced manner, and to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

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