Our Commitment

Excellent Legal Work

Our team here at Overholt Law are committed to excellence in advising and representing our clients to the very best of our ability.

Goals And Results

We are committed to achieving your goals and obtaining favourable results. We continue to build our practice on the basis of good results, positive experiences and fair billing for our services. We will be asking for your feedback and assessment of your experience with Overholt Law.


We are committed to our community and giving back through service to organizations and pro bono work.

Team Work

We are committed to team work and ensuring that all members of our team have the opportunity to obtain additional education and training in order to stay current with changes in the law, practice management and technology.


We are committed to providing the highest standards of service. We will respond quickly to your request for assistance. We believe that in order to earn your trust, we must be responsive and provide good analysis and options to help you make the best decisions for your organization or you personally. We understand the need for immediate response by telephone or email. Given the nature of business, we are accustomed to working within short time limits.


We are committed to maintaining our credentials and continuing legal education. We have invested in comprehensive resources so we are aware of the most recent cases and legal developments.

A Collegial And Respectful Approach

Our firm is committed to maintaining and supporting the long-standing traditions of the BC Bar which includes a civil and professional approach to clients, opposing parties, other legal counsel, the courts, tribunals, arbitrators and all others involved in the administration of justice.

Ethical Standards

We are proud of the traditions of the BC legal community and the important role of lawyers in the community. We are committed to the highest professional standards. We are committed to strict adherence to the Professional Code of Conduct and Law Society of British Columbia Handbook. We act honestly, fairly and in good faith at all times.

Contact The Team At Overholt Law

To contact the lawyers at Overholt Law, please call 778-653-7561 or 877-296-1161. You may also contact our team online to schedule your consultation. The firm is located in Vancouver, and our lawyers represent clients located throughout BC and beyond. We have the skills to undertake work for clients based in international locations for their legal issues that arise in British Columbia.